Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy, Wow, I admire your tenacity.

wow, i admire your tenacity.

and your ball cap :)

WOR is shooting itself in the foot... big time

Paterson won't last. he's too damn boring

oh and btw, why do you suppose National Organization for Women (NOW) isn't out there with you standing up for Woman's Rights & against spousal abuse perpetrated by govt workers????

hmmmm, oh that's right. because their deep moral obligations only apply in certain select instances. democrats and liberals get free passes. i think they had them out on Tuesdays.

nativeskygirl 4 hours ago

Thanks! Democrats have hurt the democratic party with massive
corruption and covering up for their pals as well as nepotism,
abuse of power.

Sickening but Christine Quinn was on Dave Perjury Paterson’s
show today and both are corrupt and big fakers that have
financial benefited from posing as politicians that serve the
People of New York.

Corrupt Christine Quinn has no problem with Dave Perjury Paterson calling
up the victim of his best friend Dave Johnson who he did not fire
when it was evident he put 6 foot 7 Johnson roughed up his gal pal and
Paterson tried to protect him and keep him on the payroll courtesy
of the tax payers!

It is very disturbing how NOW again remains silence as WOR fires an honest man and replaces him with a corrupt lying politician who attempted to pressure a victim of spousal abuse in to silence!